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  • PH Speaking games

    Speaking Games is a photocopiable resource book of 50 speaking games for teachers of English to use in class with both adult and teenage learners. It provides teachers with original, effective and enjoyable activities that focus on developing the learners` ability to use language confidently in...
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  • NE Natural Business English B2-C1 + CD

    Natural Business English presents and practises not only essential business vocabulary and expressions, but also natural business language using idiomatic expressions and metaphorical language. This book is designed to help learners to understand this language, and to practise using it in...
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  • IELTS Intensive B1- C2 + CD ROM

    IELTS Intensive is a short course offering 40 hours of classroom study, with an optional 2 hours of additional practice material for extended classroom use or homework, It is designed to strike a balance between test trining and practice in all four skills areas
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