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  • Blackout

    THE GLOBAL MILLION-COPY BESTSELLER PUBLISHED IN 15 LANGUAGES WORLDWIDE. A 21ST-CENTURY HIGH-CONCEPT DISASTER THRILLER. Tomorrow will be too late. A cold night in Milan, Piero Manzano wants to get home. Then the traffic lights fail. Manzano is thrown from his Alfa as cars pile up. And not just on...
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    The Barefoot Queen

    The Barefoot Queen Outlet

    1748, Seville: Caridad, a recently freed Cuban slave, wanders the streets of the city. Her master is dead and she has nowhere to go. When she meets Milagro Carmona - a young, rebellious gypsy - the two women are instantly inseparable. Milagros introduces Caridad to the gypsy community, an exotic...
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